For quantities of 1-6 boxes, 1-20 small punnets and 1-10 medium and large punnets please use the online shop.

Otherwise, please ring for the possibilities and prices at

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     Since 2009, we have sold over 34,000 bushel boxes to more than 400 customers in 8 countries, including over 150 different farm shops and garden centres. We have also sold over 19,000 of our  complementary products which include punnets, hamper boxes, display stands, soft fruit trays and half/quarter bushels.

     Customers from greengrocers, distilleries, to restaurants & film studios are using our bushel boxes and other horticultural bygones for a multitude of uses; here are some examples:

- Farm shops

- Garden centres

- Exhibition stands

- Interior decoration

- Shop windows

    This all started in 2009 when we cleared out the old sheds on the farm and discovered remnants of our fruit growing activities - there were apple boxes in every sort of condition, old strawberry punnets, hoes, pruners, picking baskets; a veritiable horticultural history. After a good power wash and with the influence of the internet, the value of these various apple crates and bushel boxes was realised and a successful farm diversification had begun. Once original supply dwindled, we started the reproduction (Repro) of bushel boxes in the old fashioned style of the original vintage apple boxes. A 50 year old printing machine was also resurrected to enable bespoke printing on any of our range of boxes.


Bespoke printing available on any box

Where we are & How we started