For quantities of 1-6 boxes, 1-20 small punnets and 1-10 medium and large punnets please use the online shop.

Otherwise, please ring for the possibilities and prices at

+44(0)7831842491 or email at

We have three types of bushel boxes we offer:

- Old English bushel boxes are old vintage apple crates which offer a more rustic feel and are rare.

- Our Repro (Reproduction) English bushel boxes are sturdy and recreate the style of the old vintage crates as faithfully as possible.

- The Repro Specials are made to order and are various shapes and sizes for specific requirements.

As well as printing your name/farm with the 50+ year printing machine, we are now able to screen print your own logo or print-type for a minimum of 10 boxes. See the Chatsworth example below.

Each one of these sorts are

multi-functional for:

Repro English Bushel Boxes

Old English Bushel Boxes

Repro Special Bushel Boxes

Bushel Boxes