Bushel Boxes N’ Stuff started as a result of a clear out of the old sheds on the farm, the remnants of our fruit growing activities-there were apple bushel boxes in every sort of condition, old strawberry punnets, hoes, pruners, picking baskets, a veritable horticultural history. With a good power washing and the power of the internet suddenly the value of these old rural bygones was realised and a new diversification was started. Suddenly the bushel boxes were in demand for a number of things: -Interior decoration -Shop windows -Farm shops -Garden centres -Film sets -Television adverts -Exhibition stands When the supply of the old bushel boxes became more and more difficult to find, reproduction (Repro) bushel boxes were started to be made recreating as faithfully as possible, the look of the old ones resurrecting an original printing machine of over 50 years old. This meant that farm shops and garden centres could have their own name and farm printed on the boxes and not only the bushel boxes but also on half bushel boxes, soft fruit trays, a smaller ‘dutch’ type of trays.